About us

Sagar Aquaculture Pvt Ltd has been established in the Year 2001, with the manufacturing of Fishing Floats and Long Arm Impeller only. When we find out that in imported Paddle Wheel Aerator there are so many problems about parts availability & services, so we decide to solve those problems by manufacturing complete Aerator in India. Since 2012 we start the manufacturing of the Paddle Wheel Aerator. Day by day, we find that Aquaculture industries require many other modified products which can help them as an auto solution. So as per their demand, we developed many other products like Spiral Aerator, Six Paddle Aerator, Mud Lifting Machine (Sludge Pump), Long Arm Aerator, Long Arm Spiral, etc.

Sagar Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd. gave many new products to Aquaculture industries, but still, we are not satisfied with our contribution in Aquaculture industries so in the Year 2015 we decide to start prawns culture to learn more depth about Aquaculture, Purpose of entering in prawns culture is to learn more & more about problems & find better & better solution for those problems. So industry can get low production costs with high profitability. In future, we are going to open training centre for Indian and Foreigner client, where they can learn latest technology of Aquaculture.

In 2015, SAPL achieves a big milestone of the best Quality Aerator Manufacture in India, At the same time we decide to serve our quality products to the World Aquaculture industries & we start to export to some Asian countries & Latin American countries & the U.S.A.

SAPL decide to produce 100000+ Aeration Units/year & distribute throw out the World by 2023.