20 Feet Long Arm Paddle Wheel Aerator

Performance Video

Aquaculture activity is increasing day by day throughout the word. To develop Aquaculture, we require good soil, good water source & electricity. To overcome the issue of unavailability of electricity, we developed this long arm aerator which can work with diesel engine.

For larger ponds, it is difficult to generate enough oxygen and water current with the help of regular Paddle Wheel Aerators. This 20 Feet Long Arm Paddle Wheel Aerator can generate enough oxygen as well as sufficient water current for larger ponds.

Using components like Single Mould Impeller, HDPE Floats, S.S. Clamping etc. we can get accurate alignment for such 20 Feet Long Arm Paddle Wheel Aerator. Benefit of using these components is that we can have minimum power loss in this 20 Feet Long Arm Paddle Wheel Aerator compared to other Long Arm Aerators.