Auto Feeding Machine.

In this fast-growing world, we always face man power shortage in every field. Aquaculture also facing same problem. So, we created this smart auto feeder machine to solve man power as well as human error.Our Auto Feeder helps to feed Shrimp on time, perfect quantity and regularly.

This auto feeder having very high accuracy for input command and output of feed quantity. It helps to reducer FCR and save lot of money for feed wastage. Less feed wastage helps to keep bottom clean and maintain water quality well. This way our Auto feeder helps you to keep your pond healthy & reducer cost of production also.

Our auto feeder operated by solar and also have good battery backup. So, all farmer can install it and enjoy this technology. 4800 RPM motor spread feed more than 20-25 meter radius area to feed shrimp well. Easy operating system help farm workers to hassle free usage. 

Technical Specification

Spinner Motor

12VDC, 4.7A, 4800RPM, 0.1nm: torque

Feed Motor

Stepper Motor, 12VDC Torque:0.4nm

Feed Range

20-25 Meter

Solar Panel

40 W


12V, 26ah

Storage Tank

L.L.D.P.E., Capacity 100kg

Battery Backup

4 Hours