Bevel Type Gear Box

Technical Specification:

RPM 106
Reducing Ration 1:13
Gear Type Bevel & Helical
Body Cast Iron Body With CED Coating
Shaft OD 25mm
Shaft SS304
Color Epoxy Dark Grey


  • Due to Bevel  type gear box, it's saving 20% power consumption compare to Warm type gear box. 
  •  Gearbox Body having four layer as Casting, CED Coating, Epoxy Primer and Double Coated Epoxy colour for protect Gear Box from Rust and Corrosion for long life more than 3 years.
  • We Provides External sleeves to protect water go inside. Due to this protection gears life will be long.
  •  Our gear body machining done by HMC machine for accurate Fitting & perfect output. 
  •  All bearings are HCH, it gives more life to gearbox and support for Smooth Running. 
  •  100% gear box pass throw noise level testing and water leakage  testing for best Quality.