Circular Cage
Circular Cages are the structures that grow fish in the sea or reservoir while being enclosed in a net cage which allows the free flow of water. It is a production system comprising a floating frame of varying dimensions and shape, net materials, and, a mooring system, to hold and culture a large number of fishes.
Production per unit (m3) in cage culture is very much high compared to shore-based systems.
Stock monitoring is simple in cage farming, facilitating regular observation of behavior, feeding, and growth that is critical in avoiding problems related to stress and disease outbreaks.
Harvesting is easy and can be planned as per the demand, offering better quality products at higher prices.
We are manufacturing 6M, 10M, and 16M Circular cages.
Circular Cage Specifications    6M Cage    10M Cage

16M Cage

 Perimeter      6 Diameter    10 Diameter  16 Diameter
 Floating Pipe 160mm 200mm 250mm
 Handrail Pipe        75mm 90mm 110mm
 Sinker Pipe 90mm 90mm 125mm
 Bracket L160  L200 L250