Mud Lifting Machine (Sludge Pump)

Performance Video

Installation Video

As we found that, framer are facing problem like how to remove the mud and aqua animal waste from existing aquaculture. So, we came with a solution by introducing mud lifting machine. It helps farmers to remove all mud and aqua animal waste from bottom of the pond. Just by rubbing specially designed scraper at the bottom of the pond, we can remove mud and aqua animal waste from every corner of the pond without harming aquaculture. This how we can improve water quality and decrease the use of probiotics.

Technical Specification
Rate Power 2.25Kw
Phase 3PH
Voltage 415v ± 10v
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Speed(rpm) 2900 rpm


  Mud Pump  3 HP (Power Saving)
  Stand  Self Stand on Three 6' Flotes
  Water Output  33400Ltr./Hour*
  Frame  S.S. 304 with Powder Coated
  Scraper  Iron with Powder Coated